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The full Proceedings of each Workshop are available as PDF files. You will however need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to read them. If you do not have this software it can be downloaded free of charge from ...
Migrant Pest Workshop, South Africa 1999
Research Priorities for Migrant Pests in southern Africa
The ARC-PPRI (South Africa) and the Natural Resources Institute (UK), organised this Workshop to identify and prioritise issues related to migrant pests of agriculture in southern Africa. The aim was to bring together scientists, research managers and crop protection specialists to clarify the main lines along which strategies could be developed and promoted to improve forecasting, and reduce the impact of migrant pests for the benefit of resource-poor people. The Workshop was sponsored by the UK Governments' Department for International Development (DFID), Crop Protection Programme (CPP).
ICOSAMP Workshop (1), South Africa, May 2001
The Information Core for Southern African Migrant Pests (ICOSAMP) is a project initiated after the Migrant Pest Workshop held in South Africa 1999. It contributes to SADC country cross-border communication and co-operation by utilising modern technology to establish a regional migrant pest information system and internet presence.

The first Workshop was instrumental in bringing together collaborators from various Ministries, Institutes and NGO's in the SADC Region to determine the specific requirements of such an information system, and to establish a network of control operators and a standardised regional reporting system.

ICOSAMP Workshop (2), South Africa, May 2002
The purpose of the second ICOSAMP Workshop was to: provide an opportunity for SADC country collaborators to present their annual migrant pest reports; evaluate the progress of ICOSAMP; provide training on the use of the computer-based information system, website and GIS viewer; and discuss the sustainability of ICOSAMP.

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