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Pretoria, South Africa: 3-4 May 2001

Mrs Margaret Kieser summarised the previous day's proceedings, thanked the delegates for their participation and enthusiasm, and reminded them about their responsibility to secure ratification from their principals. Delegates present were asked to give brief comments on their perception of the workshop, and favourable comments were received from all.

Mr John Katheru (IRLCO-CSA) enquired about the reports sent to his organisation as well as to ICOSAMP, and whether delegates were prepared to do both. It was agreed that reports by member countries of IRLCO-CSA should be sent to both IRLCO-CSA and ICOSAMP, and that Mr Katheru would compile a report from IRLCO-CSA to be sent to the ICOSAMP collaborator. A suggestion was tabled that any training courses presented in a country be advertised on the website.

The Workshop was officially closed at 10:00.

Project Leader

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