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1. Title page
2. Credits
3. Photo and names of participants
4. Table of Contents
5. Foreword - S.Eden-Green
6. Aims of the Workshop
   Summary of Workshop Proceedings
   Addressing the needs of beneficiaries and the poverty focus

7. Welcome and official opening address - M.C.Walters
8. List of delegates

SESSION 1: International Perspectives
9. DFID sponsored Migrant Pest Research, 1989-99 - R.A.Cheke
10. FAO's perspective on migratory pests - Clive C.H.Elliott
11. The role of IRLCO-CSA in the management of migratory pests - J.W.Bahana

SESSION 2: Migrant Pests and their Impacts
12. A century of locust control in South Africa - R.E.Price and H.D.Brown
13. Quelea management in Eastern and Southern Africa - Clive C.H.Elliott
14. Institutional co-operation to address socio-economic aspects related to migrant pests of agriculture in the Seouthern African Region - M.J.Botha

SESSION 2a: Current Migrant Pest research based in southern Africa: Locusts
15. Modelling Brown Locust Outbreaks - D.Tilch and S.A. Hanrahan
16. Locust control data analysis: Environmental, manpower and financial analyses of locust control in South Africa S.Peters, H.Lindeman and M.C. van der Westhuizen

SESSION 2b: Current Migrant Pest research based in southern Africa: Quelea birds
17. Research at PPRI on environmental effects of Quelea control operations - Etienne van der Walt
18. Red-billed Queleas in Zimbabwe - Peter J.Mundy
19. The cyanogenic glycoside Dhurrin as a possible cause of bird-resistance in Ark-3048 sorghum - Thadeo M.C.Tarimo
20. The pest status and biology of the Red-billed Quelea in the Berbgille-Winterton area of South Africa - A.Berruti
21. Alternative strategies for Red-billed Quelea population management - Maria Garanito, M.J.Botha, and L.van der Westhuizen
22. Red-billed Quelea movements in southern Africa shown by ringing recoveries in the SAFRING database - H.D.Oschadleus

SESSION 3: Current UK-based migrant pest research
23. Quelea populations and forecasting in southern Africa - P.J.Jones, R.A.Cheke, P.J.Mundy, M.Dallimer and J.F.Venn
24. Modelling African Armyworm population dynamics to forecast outbreaks - J.Holt, W.L.Mushobozi, M.R.Tucker and J.F.Venn
25. Information systems for locust forecasting - L.J.Rosenberg
26. Development of a myci-insecticide for biological control of locusts in southern Africa - M.B.Thomas
27. Addressing the poverty focus in migrant pest research - Helem J.Altshul
28. Biodegradation of Fenthion by Phanerochaete chrysosporium - L.Zacchi, J.R.Cox, R.A.Cheke, E.van der Walt and P.J.Harvey

SESSION 4: Position statements by representatives of Countries, Institutions, NGOs and other stakeholders
29. Birdlife International, Botswana, Malawi, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe

SESSION 5: Logical framework workshops on locusts, armyworm, Quelea and cross-cutting issues
30. Logical frameworks
31. Workshop steering committee

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